Blue Wave

Blue Wave

The Co-Lin Blue Wave Show Band is one of the largest student groups and is comprised of some of the hardest working students at Copiah-Lincoln Community College. 

“I start with the show concept about a year before the product that our audience sees each fall,” said Co-Lin Director of Bands Juanita Proffitt. “My staff and I work together to produce a great product with custom arrangements and drill.”

The Blue Wave Show Band honors a Mississippi legend with the halftime show in 2017, Elvis Presley. The music icon continues to have an impact on music and culture, even 40 years after his death. As a poor boy from Tupelo, he never expected to be anybody famous. However as an artist, Elvis drew from all of Mississippi’s influences, gospel, blues, country and soul to create a new form of music: Rock and Roll! 

The Blue Wave will feed off this infectious genre with Heartbreak Hotel, GI Blue, Teddy Bear, Viva Las Vegas, I Can’t Help Falling in Love, and the Battle Hymn. 

The Blue Wave Show is famous for their musical excellence and known for their entertaining half time performances. The marching band, rock band, drum major,  Colettes, Color Guard, and managers work diligently to produce an entertaining half-time performance each week.

Leading the Blue Wave Show Band this year is Drum Major Shay Branning

Serving as Head Colette is Megyn Rhoads, Colette Captains are Morgan Wallis and Shelby White, and Color Guard Captain is Gracie Byrne.

Thanks to each of you for your support of the Co-Lin Blue Wave Show Band.