Wolfpack Cheerleaders

Wolfpack Cheerleaders

Montana Rogers - Richland

Leah Case - Brookhaven

Anna Babb - Natchez

Taylor Berch - Loyd Star

Ashlyn Locke - Loyd Star

Maya Granger - Wesson

Caroline Lobrano - Centerville

Harley Smith - Brookhaven

Drew Morgan - Monticello

Tyler Gill - Brookhaven

Robbie Lee - New Hebron

Jonathan Britt - Brookhaven

Connor Quin - Roxie

Braxton Thompson - Brookhaven

Traveon Murray - Brookhaven

Lane Bessonette - Brookhaven

Mascots: Austin Carter - Brookhaven and Megan Norton - Loyd Star

Alternates: Caleigh Corbin - Meadville and Logan Channel - Wesson


Tryouts for the 2018-2019 cheer squad will take place in Callendar Hall on Co-Lin Wesson's campus. Dates are TBD.